The top-selling items in the shop are Fukumitsuya's original T-shirts. A number of celebrities have visited us and purchased these popular garments. The T-shirts come in sizes S to XL (American sizes) and a Ladies' size (one-size-fits-all). All sizes are priced at only 2,000 yen (including tax). Samurai
Fukumitsuya's original Tote BagsFukumitsuya's original Tote Bags
Fukumitsuya's original canvas tote bags. We also have a variety of other similar products including pouches, coin purses and aprons.
(Tote bag shown in photo: 1,200 yen)
Fukumitsuya's original Tote Bags
Traditional Japanese NoveltiesTraditional Japanese Novelties
Kokeshi dolls, one of the traditional craft products of Japan, attracts the attention of many European visitors.
(Prices start from 1,300 yen)
In the lower shelves, you will find many kinds of accessories including Japanese hairpins and barrettes. Each accessory has a piece of Kimono cloth or Japanese paper encased in acrylic resin. We also sell original Fukumitsuya designs, too.
(Prices start from 400 yen)
In addition, wooden Japanese footwear and leather-soled sandals are popular among tourists from Latin countries. They come in sizes up to 4L (30cm).
(Prices start from 1,900 yen)
Traditional Japanese Novelties
Japanese Dolls and PotteryJapanese Dolls and Pottery
Japanese dolls are enjoying great popularity among guests from all over the world. These dolls may be large, but our guests often buy them regardless, cramming them into their baggage for the trip home.
(Prices start from 2,100 yen)
Chased potteries are other popular items, especially among guests from the Middle East and Southeast Asia.
(Prices start from 1,200 yen)
Japanese Dolls and Pottery
Original Fukumitsuya Key RingsOriginal Fukumitsuya Key Rings
Original Fukumitsuya key rings. Absolutely no one else can provide key rings that display such exceptional taste. Each key ring is priced at 600 yen. (including tax). Original Fukumitsuya Key Rings
Folding Fans and MagnetsFolding Fans and Magnets
Our folding silk fans are as popular as our T-shirts. These fans do not take up much space, so our guests tend to make bulk purchases of these popular items (800 yen).
Magnets come in many shapes and colors - and they are reasonably priced. (Prices start from 300 yen).
Folding Fans and Magnets
Netsuke and Key RingsNetsuke and Key Rings
Among our selection of Netsuke carved ornaments (traditional ornaments worn by Japanese men to suspend tobacco pouches from) and key rings, the gilded metallic ones are turning out to be the most popular. Our guests tend to buy large numbers of these products due to their very reasonable price.
(Prices start from 300 yen).
Netsuke and Key Rings
Beckoning Cats and Chased ProductsBeckoning Cats and Chased Products
Small statues of cats, which are considered to bring good luck with their paws (the left or right paw of each cat is beckoning), are very popular among guests from China, Taiwan and South Korea. (Prices start from 250 yen).
Metallic products such as chased mirrors for powder compacts are a favorite of our female guests. (Prices start from 1,300 yen).
Beckoning Cats and Chased Products

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